Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals

18th Edition

August E. Grant
Jennifer H. Meadows

Published by Technology Futures, Inc.

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18th Edition


Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals, now in its 18th edition, has set the standard as the single best resource for students and professionals looking to brush up on how communication technologies have developed, grown, and converged, as well as what’s in store for the future

The book covers the fundamentals of communication technology in five sections that explain the communication technology ecosystem, its history, theories, structure, and regulations. Separate chapters then explore the background, recent developments, and current status of two dozen technologies in electronic mass media, computers, consumer electronics, telephony, and networking. The chapters are written by experts who provide a snapshot of an individual field. Together, these updates provide a broad overview of these industries and examine the role communication technologies play in our everyday lives. In addition to substantial updates to each chapter, the 18th edition includes first-ever chapters on surveillance and remote working and learning, plus updated user data in every chapter; an overview of industry structure, including recent and proposed mergers and acquisitions; and sidebars about people who have made a lasting contribution to communication technologies.

Key Features:

  • Gives students and professionals the latest information in all areas of communication technology.
  • Companion website offers updated information and useful links to related industry resources, and an instructor site provides a sample syllabus and a test bank.
  • All chapters have been updated.
  • Two new chapters:
  • Surveillance – Cameras and tracking are everywhere. How people and institutions are addressing this new reality.
  • Remote Learning and Working – The pandemic has changed the way we do almost everything!
  • Daily updates: Twitter & Facebook and LinkedIn

Table of Contents

Section I Fundamentals
1. The Communication Technology Ecosystem, August E. Grant, Ph.D.
2.  A History of Communication Technology, Yicheng Zhu, Ph.D. & Kai Qi, B.A.
3. Understanding Communication Technologies, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.
4. The Structure of the Communication Industries, August E. Grant, Ph.D.
5. Regulation & Communication Technologies, Eric P. Robinson, J.D., Ph.D.

Section II Electronic Mass Media
6. Television, Paul Driscoll, Ph.D. & Michel Dupagne, Ph.D.
7. Radio & Digital Audio, Emily Hughes Corio, M.S.J.
8. Digital Signage, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.
9. Cinema, Quinn Winchell, M.F.A.

Section III Computers & Consumer Electronics
10. Computers, Glenda Alvarado, Ph.D.
11. Automotive Telematics, Angeline J. Taylor, M.S.
12. Virtual & Augmented Reality, Rebecca Ormond, M.F.A.
13. Video Games, Isaac Pletcher, M.F.A.
14. Home Video, Matthew J. Haught, Ph.D.
15. Digital Imaging & Photography, David L. Morris II, Ph.D.
16. eHealth, Sharon Baldinelli, Ph.D., M.P.H.
17. Esports, Max Grubb, Ph.D.

Section IV Networking Technologies
18. Telephony, William R. Davie, Ph.D.
19. The Internet, Hsuan Yuan Huang, Ph.D.
20. The Internet of Things, Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Ph.D.
21. Social Media, Rachel Stuart, Ph.D.
22. Remote Learning & Working, August E. Grant, Ph.D.
23. Big Data, Ehsan Mohammadi, Ph.D. & Amir Karami, Ph.D.
24. Artificial Intelligence, Ching-Hua Chuan, Ph.D.
25. Surveillance, Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Ph.D. & Anosh Gill, M.F.A.

Section V Conclusions
26. Other New Technologies, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.
27. Your Future & Communication Technologies, August E. Grant, Ph.D.

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